Our Silent Auction

Auction Window Theme:  Love and Music

 Please note that taxes are additional.

Here’s how you bid:

  1. Come into the store and ask the cashier for a bidding number.
  2. Your bidder number will be entered in our Silent Auction Book on the page where the item you want is described.
  3. Place your bid next to your bidder number. (There is a starting bid and a minimum amount if you want to up your bid.)
  4. Come in as often as you wish to check on your bid.
  5. We’ll call you when the auction closes if you are the winning bidder.
  6. Come in to the store and collect your treasure!
  7. Items must be picked up by Wednesday of the following week, unless special arrangements have been made.  This is to allow us to get the next window in.

Drop in and ask for your bidder number!

Note:* For every auction you get a new bidding number